How to Remove a Stain from a Wool Carpet

How to Remove a Stain from a Wool Carpet

Wool carpets have been popular for many years because of their beauty, durability, and resistance to stains. You can really make your home décor look extraordinary with a beautiful and colorful wool carpet.   Attention should be taken to any spillage since if left unattended the stain may penetrate deep into the fibers and it will make it harder to clean later on. However, many people buy a wool carpet without thinking about its cleaning and its maintenance.

What not to do when cleaning a wool carpet

Not Cleaning Spilled Liquids Right Away: Although woolen carpets are resistance to liquid spills, they are not water-resistant. That is why one should take caution and clean up the spill as soon as possible.

Not Cleaning the Carpet Regularly:  Many people think that because they have a wool carpet they do not have to clean it regularly, well this is the worst case because dust on the carpet can make your house look unattractive and it can damage the carpet over time.

How to remove stains from a wool carpet

  1. For a dry spill remove it using a blunt knife or a spoon and for the liquid one use a paper towel to remove it. You should not rub or scrub the area in order to prevent it from further spreading.
  2. Use the appropriate stain remover depending on the type of stain. For a Nail polish clean it using a nail polish remover. If the stain is coffee, you should apply 3 tablespoons of mild detergent and a spoon of vinegar in warm water, one liter will do and clean the place well. For Urine, you clean the place first with water and apply a cleaning solution then blot the place. If the stain is for chewing gum, you are supposed to chill the gum with a freezing agent like an ice cube and then scrape it off, after this, you clean the place with vinegar, warm water, and a mild detergent.
  3. Once the stain has been removed then all you have to do is blot the area by use of a paper towel for it to absorb the remaining moisture. You can use a hairdryer to quickly dry it or turning on the fans.

Woolen carpets are the best to have in your house or room but in order for it to portray its beauty, you need to take care of it to maintain its look and appearance.

How Long Should it Take to Clean Your Carpets?

How Long Should it Take to Clean Your Carpets?

Are you wondering how long should it take to clean your carpets? Well, this is a question that most people tend to ask. Cleaning carpets can be a daunting task. Carpet has strong fabrics, and it may take a while to clean it. However, it’s hard to determine the exact time it can take to clean a carpet. You can take as little as 10 minutes up to an hour to complete the cleaning. However, there are a few factors that will determine the completion time of cleaning a carpet. Check them out.

Method of cleaning

There are many techniques you can use to clean your carpets. Some of the common methods include vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, detergents and chemicals, and many more. So, the method you use will have a significant effect on time. Each of these methods involves different processes and techniques. Thus, this results in time-varying.

Some methods, such as vacuuming are fast. It can about 20 minutes to complete the work. On the other hand, scrubbing using chemicals and detergents can take even an hour to get the job done. Remember that a faster method does not mean that it’s the best. So, consider a technique that will ensure deep cleaning and will maintain your carpet’s color and texture.


Professionalism is a major factor in determining how long it will take to clean your carpets. Who is doing it? Some people will do it faster than others. For example, today, we have professional carpet cleaning services. These companies have professionals that are experienced in cleaning carpets. If you choose to hire a company to complete your carpet cleaning then make sure you hire the #1 carpet cleaning company in town. You cannot compare the time professionals will take to complete the work and doing it yourself. Obviously, they will handle the job faster than you because of their expertise.


Dirtiness is another factor that will determine how fast the cleaning process can be. The dirtier the carpet, the more time it will take to clean it. If you regularly clean your carpet, it might not be a hectic process, so, it will only take a few minutes to complete the work. However, if it’s your first time to clean your carpet since you bought it, it will be fairly soiled. Thus, expect to take a longer time to clean it.

It is not easy to determine how long it can take to clean your carpet. It will entirely depend on the methods used, who is doing it, the level of dirtiness, and perhaps the carpet material. However, the average time it can take holding all other factors can be 20 to 30 minutes.

Cleaning Your Carpets Can Help You Breathe Better

Cleaning Your Carpets Can Help You Breathe Better

Carpets can be found in almost every home, it’s aesthetically pleasing and improves the comfort and appearance of a house. While carpet is a great option for flooring, it’s important you properly take care of it with regular maintenance. Carpet cleaning is very vital to your health. Dirty carpets can affect your family, especially your children. Now, you may not notice, but the carpet is like a sponge. It can be a home for molds, bacteria, dust, insect husks, pet urine, pet hair, insect feces, allergens, and many more. So, this substance can result in serious breathing issues if not cleaned regularly.

Along with routine spot and vacuuming, it’s also very important to have your carpet cleaned by professionals. Carpet cleaning services help to deep clean your carpet professionally leaving no traces of harmful substances. So, how can cleaning your carpet help you breathe better?

Reduces allergens

As stated earlier, carpet can be a home for allergens. Carpets usually absorb allergens from your living area. Now, if left unclean for a long time, they can pose a serious breathing problem. Thus, regular vacuuming will help to eliminate such allergens. The filters will trap allergens such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and more. So, it’s always recommendable you run your vacuum at least twice to trap allergens in your carpet effectively.

Cleaning carpet reduces dirt intrusion

If you have never noticed, carpets usually trap a lot of dirt. Perhaps you have stepped on it with unwiped shoes, or you have been doing some activities that have emitted dust in your living area. Now, it’s hard to notice that there is the presence of dust in your carpet. You will realize it when you start sneezing or having a breathing problem. So, regular cleaning and vacuuming will help to eliminate the dust and improve the airflow in your house.

Cleaning carpet reduces VOC’s

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a group of chemicals found in a variety of products such as paints, plastic products, and carpets. If these compounds are not cleaned regularly, they may have an adverse effect on your respiratory system. Regularly carpet cleaning will help to reduce chemicals trapped in the carpet fibers and improve the air flow.

Carpet cleaning can help you breathe better in your living area. Remember that most people spend more than 70% of their time indoors. So, the probability of carpet trapping all kind of dirt and allergens is quite high. Thus, regular carpet cleaning will help to eliminate such substances, improve the airflow, and make the air breathable.

The Pros of Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

The Pros of Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpets regularly get dirty. If they are not cleaned regularly, they can be a home of harmful substances such as mold, dirt, and allergens. There are many ways you can use to clean your carpet. Steam cleaning is one of the best. Although the idea of steam cleaning seems to be new to many, it’s continuously gaining popularity due to its amazing results. As the name suggests, steam cleaning is a technique in which vaporized water or steam is used to clean a carpet. This method cleans any surface, including carpets and hardwood floors.

Steam cleaning is gradually replacing traditional cleaning methods. It’s obvious that no matter how hard you scrub your carpet with detergents, it will still retain some invisible in harmful micro-organisms. Also, shampoos and other harsh detergents can affect the color and the texture of your carpet. On the other hand, experts suggest that vacuum cleaning is not enough. Most vacuum cleaners only run the vacuum on the top layer of the carpet, leaving bottom layer untouched. So, why pick steam cleaning? Here are the benefits.

Deep cleaning

The hot steam usually penetrates through your carpet fibers down to the bottom where the hazardous micro-organisms actually hide. The steam loosens every fiber of the carpet, and the powerful steam machine sucks every bit of dirt. This technique leaves your carpet completely clean.  Here is a look at how steam cleaning works.

It is safe

As opposed to harsh chemicals and detergents, steam cleaning will not harm the carpet. Steam cleaning does not ruin the color or the texture of your carpet. Instead, it will rejuvenate your carpet, protect it, and allow it to look great and new for many years. But, if you don’t know how to clean your carpets it’s always better to hire a carpet cleaning experts instead of doing a botched DIY job. That way your carpets get the proper clean they deserve and you have the peace of mind knowing you won’t damage your carpets.

Kills microbes

Steam cleaning uses high-temperature steam. Now, the steam will be ideal for killing the microorganisms hiding in your carpet. The steam acts as a sanitizer, making your carpet safe and germ-free for your family, especially your kids. Steam cleaning also helps to improve the air quality of your home. It will eliminate all the allergens and dust, enabling you to breathe clean air.

Prevents growth of mold

Dirty and moist carpet allows molds to grow easily. Now, unlike most traditional cleaning methods, steam cleaning completely removes moisture and leave your carpet dry. Therefore, it does not only kill germs and other substances down there, but it also deters the re-growth of mildew and mold.

Your carpet plays a major role in your home’s aesthetic and appearance. If you want to prolong its appearance and lifespan, then consider steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is safe, offers deep cleaning, and leaves your carpet dry to prevent the growth of mold.