Save Money And Enjoy Peace Of Mind When Moving House

There are so many reasons that people choose to move homes. There is the fact that children move on, they go to university, get jobs in other cities or simply crave independence – and those homeowners are suddenly left with more space than they know what to do with and so choose to downsize. The opposite is also true – a new arrival in the home can mean that space becomes cramped and a new home to accommodate baby is required. Then there are those who want to realise their investment and take advantage of the windfall that selling a home can provide. They may wish to use that money to purchase a new home – or rent. There are a myriad of reasons to seek new accommodation – but one thing will remain constant – and that is the moving process. That can be expensive. The question that those moving should be asking is whether or not it is necessary to break the bank during the move – and the answer is no.

It is possible to be gentle on a budget when moving homes – here are some tips and tricks that will have you (and your bank manager) smiling.

The first step is to do a little comparison shopping. Get between three and five quotes on moving services – and make sure that you are comparing apples with apples. Some of those quotes may seem excessive but pay attention to the types of services that are included in the estimate. you might be surprised at just what you get for your money. Those cheaper quotes often contain fine print about essentials services (or at least services that you will need such as packing) that can cause an estimate to balloon and make budgeting a bit pointless.

Getting an initial idea about costs can be as simple as requesting an off-the-cuff quality based on an Internet inquiry. However, once you have sifted through the responses and discarded those that are completely out of the ballpark as far as your budget is concerned ask for an on-site visit. An accurate calculation of costs requires that visit. It is simply non-negotiable.

Be prepared to undertake some of the work yourself. Moving companies will charge extra for services such as packing up your goods for the move and unpacking at your final destination. If you think that you’re capable of doing it yourself – do so, you’ll be saving significant amounts of money. But there are caveats. Remember that some goods require special treatment. if you have valuable antiques or sensitive I.T. or home entertainment equipment you need to get advice on how to pack those items. And make sure that the moving company you select has the correct credentials and trucks to make sure that those items arrive safely. Also, remember that time is precious – and you are going to be preoccupied with other essential tasks leading up to moving day – can you spare the time to do that packing?

If you decide to do the packing yourself visit local businesses such as supermarkets and get your packing materials for free. You’ll be surprised at the variety of cardboard boxes you can get for nothing. As an added incentive you will be doing your bit for the planet by recycling and repurposing those boxes that might otherwise have landed up at the dump.

You can make packing that much easier (and possibly make some extra cash to go towards the move) by being ruthless. Be honest with yourself – how many times in the last year have you used that stationary exercise bike? Are you really ever going to fit into those skinny jeans again (buy new ones at a shop in your new neighborhood – support local business). Before you put a huge dent in your savings hold a jumble sale or p[awn off the unwanted goods. Sell them online. If you don’t want to do that then donate them to Goodwill. The one approach can make you money and save you on moving costs (less goods = less boxes = less money spent), the other will at least save you on packing and moving costs. It’s a win/win situation.

This is going to be a touchy one for some people – but what are friends for? Get them to lend a hand with packing and moving if you only have a limited variety of goods. Just remember – it’s an unwritten rule that when it comes time for them to move you’ll be first in line to offer a helping hand. Packing needn’t be boring – order some pizza, open a bottle of wine and make an evening out of it. Take into account other people’s schedules. If you are going to ask for help make sure that they are aware of it long before it is supposed to happen. Have all the equipment needed on hand (don’t forget tape and box cutters). Maybe think of a small gift for them to take home – it’s a nice touch to show that you really do appreciate the effort.

Here are some other guidelines that make the move more efficient – and can save you money in the long run. Don’t accept that ‘too good to be true’ quote on moving services – it probably is too good to be true. Don’t sign documents when a mover says ‘don’t worry I’ll fill in the details at the office’. Do purchase extra insurance for delicate or valuable items. And if you are moving yourself remember that superheroes belong in comic books or on the Silver screen – if it looks too heavy or bulky make sure you have the right equipment to handle it. Be conscious of your lifting technique, saving money on your move only to have to spend it on repeat doctor’s appointments renders the exercise pointless.

The key is research and preparation keep those two guiding principles in mind and you should save money and gave a hassle-free move. You’ll reach your new home refreshed, relaxed and with money in your pocket, ready to start a new chapter in your life.

How Much Does A Removals Company Cost? 5 Key Considerations

Relocating to a new place has always been a challenge. That is because this kind of work can be tiresome and costly, especially if you have a big family or possess a lot of assets. You will need all the help you can get to move without any problems. Moreover, when it comes to moving, it is advisable that you work with experienced people so that you can move without damaging any of your valuables. Hiring a moving company might seem expensive, but this option comes with a lot of benefits.

5 Key Considerations That Determine The Cost Of Moving

1. House Size.

The first thing that moving companies consider is how big your house is and whether you have a lot of valuable or not. If you have a small house, can expect to pay less since you will be having less luggage. But, if you leave in a large house that has at least 5 bedrooms, then you can expect to pay between £1000 and £1,295. Other households are estimated to cost as indicated below.

– 1 bedroom moving within the country is £360

– 2 bedrooms moving within the country is £450 – 595

– 3 bedrooms moving within the country is £645

– 4 bedrooms moving within the country is £995

Also, do not forget that these estimates are for moving locally. That means you can expect to pay more if you are moving out of the county. Besides moving locally, you also need to understand that these charges may increase or reduce depending on the moving company you choose to hire. Therefore, make sure that you get quotes from different movers and pick a company that has the best offer.

2. Services Required While Moving

The second key factor that contributes to the cost of moving is services rendered by the moving company. Some moving companies will do everything for you and in return charge you more, while other movers charge for each moving activity. Below are extra services offered by moving companies for an extra fee.

– Packing Services

Packing is a lot of work that consume most of our energy and time. Many people who plan to move usually start packing a day early to avoid last-minute inconveniences. Another way of solving this problem is by allowing a moving company to do it for you. It does not matter whether there is plenty of stuff to carry or not. Professional movers will make sure that everything is well packed. However, you need to understand that is extra services will increase your cost of moving.

– Storage Solution

Besides packing, moving companies can also provide reliable storage for you if you need one. These storage solutions are available in different sizes. If you do not have enough storage for your valuables, you can hire storage services from the moving company you choose to work with.

– Help Dismantle And assemble Assets

Dismantling furniture and other items is not easy. You will also need proper tools to do this kind of work. Therefore, if you do not know how to dismantle and assemble items, then you might want to request these particular services as well. Remember that this is considered an additional service, which means an extra fee will be added to your moving cost.

– Transportation

You can minimize the cost of moving if you have your own transportation. However, if you are in need of extra mode transportation the moving company can provide one for you at an additional fee. Sometimes more than one vehicle is required to move, especially if one has a lot of assets and a large family.

So it’s a good idea to think about everything you need. Contact a few companies to get a quote. A good idea is to contact a company that specialises in all kinds of service from full service moving to DIY moving. We Move and Clean does this. They offer full moving services where they will even pack your house up and take apart your furniture. And then move everything so your new home is ready to move into. And they also offer cheaper services such as just a van with a driver.

3. Insurance.

Insurance is another key factor that moving companies consider. Sometimes moving companies are required to seek extra insurance when moving valuable goods. Removal companies do operate with insurance policies, but this transit insurance is not enough to cover assets that are worth more than £40 per item. Moreover, if you decide to pack your own belongings, make sure that they are insured. That is because the moving company’s insurance policy might not have you covered.

4. Access To Both Destinations.

Access is another major issue that moving companies emphasize on. Movers usually want to find out whether it is easy to access your current location or it will require extra effort. For example, if you leave in a second-floor apartment and there is no lift, the moving company will be forced to seek additional labour to get the job done.

If you leave in a place with low bridges or small lanes, the moving company might have no other option but to use a shuttle or a smaller vehicle. Such a vehicle can only carry a few valuables and because of this reason, it will be forced to make several rounds to carry everything. Therefore, if accessing both destinations is an issue, then the moving company might charge you an extra fee.

5. Cancellation And Late Entry Charges

Before you hire a moving company, make sure that there will be no delays or waiting once you arrive in your new location. Many people make the mistake of moving without consulting those who are in charge of where they are going. Do not make the same mistake. Be sure that the place you are moving to is vacant so that you do not have to wait once you arrive.

However, if you move without planning and get stranded once you arrive, the moving company might end up adding late entry charges to your initial moving cost. Therefore, make sure that there are no delays at any point to avoid such penalties.


A moving company can charge you more or less to move based on these 5 key considerations. However, you need to be aware of the fact that professional movers do not charge the same rates for their services. Because of this reason, it is advisable that you get quotes from different moving companies so that you can establish the one with the lowest rates. Moreover, there is always something you can do to reduce the cost of moving such as getting rid of junk, buy storage solutions and pack your valuables.